Style by Lauren Conrad

11 Jan

In this sweet and simple guide to all that is ladylike, Lauren Conrad has diverted from her previous literary road of airy teen novels and compiled an essential manual for every girl’s bookshelf. Style is a book that metaphorically bakes a cake of fashion from scratch, divulging all of the ingredients that one may need to live a life of Style and class.

Divided into three sections, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, Lauren approaches the topic of Style in relation to all manner of contexts and situations. Beginning poignantly, a chapter entitled ‘Building Your Wardrobe’ is the starting point for the book, literally outlining basic pieces that every wardrobe should contain- from an LBD to a killer pair of heels- and giving advice on how these can be used in order to create lots of different looks. Later on we come to the likes of ‘Accessories’ which covers everything from handbags to nail polish, and the book progresses to include helpful checklists such as ‘Strategic Packing’ so that every fashion dilemma is catered for in one way or another. Written in a helpful and honest manner (Lauren is the first to admit her body hang ups and to offer advice on how to combat them) it is refreshing to see someone who is so prolific being realistic and supportive when encouraging younger girls to embrace their Style.

The utilitarian approach that Lauren has taken in addressing Style envoked both positive and negative reactions during my reading. On one hand I was unimpressed, because I contemplated the following quote from the front cover:

“The secret to looking fabulous and having fun with fashion”.

Although I definitely felt that Lauren had been successful in sharing secrets to looking fabulous (handy tips such as how to make your hair last between washes were both timeless and so essential to anyone with a busy schedule), I didn’t quite feel that she had inspired me to really throw myself into fashion.

I pondered this opinion for some time, and then I realised how wonderful it was that I felt this way. Lauren is the star of one of the most successful reality TV shows of our time, influencing millions of viewers and standing as a role model to young ladies worldwide. To say that she has written a Style guide that has managed to inform me without influencing me is absolutely magnificent. Her readers can all interpret the book however they will choose to do so, and they won’t feel alienated by anything that they can’t maintain or own. This very sentiment is reflected in the fact that Lauren doesn’t quote brand names for the product images that are featured in the book; for anyone that is interested they are indexed at the back, but in the context of styling and creating visual concepts she merely refers to each garment in it’s no-frills form- red dress, black bag, the list goes on- and so allows every Conrad copy-cat to draw their own conclusions and ideas.

Lauren has definitely managed to bridge the gap between high-end fashion and everyday couture and should be proud to stand as such as positive role model for young girls everywhere.

A la Mode Appraisal: 8/10

Laure Conrad’s Style is published by Harper Non-Fiction & Collins and is available from all good book stores for £14.99.


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