The Best Friends’ Guide to Life by Fearne and Holly

11 Jan

You can imagine my delight when two of my favourite career girls teamed up to create a tell-all book. Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby are both huge inspirations to me because their jobs are so varied.

A day in the life of Fearne:

  • Present her Radio 1 show
  • Indulge in her personal cosmetics range
  • Design clothes for Liverpool’s own
  • Host TV shows such as ‘Fearne and…’
  • Climb the tallest mountains in the world for charity!

A day in the life of Holly:

  • Have a laugh next to Philip Schofield whilst presenting This Morning
  • Join him again in another studio for Dancing on Ice
  • Design clothes for Very alongside Fearne
  • Take time out to compile this book
  • Still find time to be a wife and mom!

See what I mean? That’s what I love about their careers. They don’t have to oblige to one thing or another; instead, they manage to juggle everything that they enjoy and do so marvellously. I was so excited to hear their secrets and receive coveted words of advice as to how I may pursue the same lifestyle.

Divided into sections of things that will come up in any girl’s life, from friends ‘Partners in Crime’ to work ‘Nine to Five’, their book aims to enlighten young women in terms of how to have your cake and eat it too (incidentally, the girls use a clever cake analogy throughout the book to speak simply about balance and proportions of things in your life). Offering handy tips about common things such as what not to expose on your Facebook page to how many glasses of wine it is acceptable to consume on a first date, they use stories from their own pasts to illustrate their examples in a way that is hilarious and relatable. Lots of photographs from their younger years have been thrown in to tell the tales, and Fearne herself has provided some exquisite art work to brighten up the pages. Although you should never judge a book by its cover, it must be said that the presentation of the book is divine… think of a mix between your favourite vintage scarf and the graphics of an art students’ blog splashed eclectically onto every single page.

Spoken from two perspectives, the book is especially useful to anyone who may be confused about a particular issue or problem. Fearne and Holly both have very strong minds and sometimes very opposing opinions, so contrasting the two girls’ thoughts in relation to any given topic is useful in helping the reader to see both sides of a situation. This, I feel, is what distinguishes this book from others of its kind; the ability to feel as though you are part of a group dynamic as opposed to taking the words of one author as gospel.

I would definitely recommend that you buy yourself and your best friend a copy of this book – in fact, they’d make great hers and hers presents for Christmas. A really fun read with lots of handy hints, this book should be an essential to any young woman’s collection.

While you’re shopping along these lines, you might want to check out Fearne’s new make-up range, too!

A la Mode Appraisal: 10/10

Fearne and Holly: The Best Friends’ Guide to Life is published by Vermillion and available for £16.99.


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