The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness by Bethanie Lunn

11 Jan

Bethanie Lunn is a power woman that every girl would love to be like. She’s a one woman enterprise and merrily juggles a number of fabulous fashionable responsibilities including the following: a widely read blog called The Modern Girl’s Guide, acting as fashion and beauty expert for Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield, being a style expert and online presenter for Very online, and contributing columns to to name just a few. Now, the beauty has wracked her brains to compile an alternative A-Z for the modern girl, giving her the “fast track to the coolest places, services and products around” (quote taken from Bethanie’s blog).

The Guide begins with an introduction that outlines the aim of the book- to pin point the most fabulous things all over the country and enlighten women accordingly. Upon reading this, it has to be said that I felt sceptical. I have read lots of similar books in the past (no names mentioned) that claim to be excited to share highlights of the best regional attractions and then go on to gush incessantly about one city in particular; you’ve guessed it- London. Yes, a mesmerising city it may be, but when I’m in Liverpool and desperately need a manicure I’m hardly going to invest all of that time, money and effort and go all the way to the south for a decent set of nails. (Indeed, I would probably just pop to the nearest Barry M counter instead, but for the sake of this argument that is beside the point). What was refreshing and very engaging, therefore, was Bethanie’s very true representation of the entire country. Surrounded by angry, soaking wet passengers on the train, I couldn’t help but gasp for joy every time I read a reference to somewhere I had been to, knew of and already loved. Knowing that I completely agreed with Bethanie in the recommendations with which I was already acquainted lead me to believe that, if I were to visit another city, I could completely trust her judgement and take all other suggestions by storm and with confidence.

Favourite Birmingham hotspot:
Club Chocolate, home to amazing cocktails.
Club Chocolate on Facebook

Favourite Liverpool hotspot:
Raider’s Vintage, a small boutique that has been known to grace the pages of UK Vogue.
Raiders Vintage on Facebook

Nationwide must have:
Batiste dry shampoo (or for any fellow students that may be reading, a nice hearty dose of talcum powder!)

Number one website:
A personal favourite of mine, Elsiebelle jewellery- the most quirky and cute retailer of them all.

The magic of this girlie guide is that every type of woman needs to have it in her life; the housewife who loves nothing more than to present an exquisite meal for her friends and family and to lay an extravagent dining set, the tearaway who loves to push her limits and wants to fill her Saturday with a spot of risque burlesque, or even the PR executive who loves her fluffy canine friend to death but simply doesn’t have enough time to walk him. Bethanie manages to overcome all of life’s dilemmas and to do so in a way that girls all over can manage in our current economic crisis but still feel fabulous! A thoroughly enjoyable read, and a must have for any students who are planning a girlie getaway to visit one of their friends in another city.

To visit Bethanie on her book tour, why not pop along to her Liverpool signing on Wednesday 1st December at LK Bennett in Liverpool One? All you have to do to book your place is call the LK Bennett hotline on 02076376729. If this date is inconvenient then please click here to check her other confirmed appearances. I am very excited to tell you that I will be interviewing her on the day, so be sure to subscribe to my blog so that you don’t miss any of her anecdotes!

A la Mode Appraisal: 10/10

Publisher: Book Guild Limited
Price: £9.99


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