Why Girls Love Shoes by Georgina Harris

11 Jan

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking filler for a fellow fashionista then look no further than Why Girls Love Shoes. A small and simple treat, this book is one that is filled with illustrations of all manner of fabulous shoes and captures the no-frills jist of why girls turn to foot candy in times of need.

Upon turning over the front cover, you are greeted with a little to/from gift tag, further supporting the idea that this novelty is intended as a small present. Divided into pensive chapters, shoes are defined by status as opposed to physicality and thus the philosophy behind them is pondered humorously. For example, on the page dedicated to ‘Extra High Heels’, the author asks:

“Are these a pair of shoes or an attitude?”

The idea of shoes contributing to your character was quite amusing to me; I think we can all relate to feeling like Britney Spears in those sky scraper heels and someone from the Rovers Return in our work pumps. However, I must say that I was a little bit disappointed at how vague the book was. Sam Wilson, an illustrator that has previously been commissioned to create for the likes of Tatler and Elle Girl and who illustrates Mimi Spencer’s Fashion for Life column in You magazine every week (a supplement of the Mail on Sunday) provided the illustrations which were very cute. Georgina Harris, famed for having written for The Times and The Daily Telegraph, added her fashion expertise. But together they formed only a tiny tribute to a topic that seemed so exciting to them both. Although inclusive of some lovely snippets of information, such as the title quote above, I think that this book would be best enjoyed as a sweet addition to a large stocking of other bits and pieces.

Ideal for your little sister or for any lady who truly loves her shoes.

Perhaps you could team it with a cute little Victorian Fan Bookmark from Past Times to jazz it up a little? Available in a number of other designs and for only £6, it will surely brighten up your special person’s stocking.

A la Mode Appraisal: 5/10

Why Girls Love Shoes is available from Cico Books and is all yours for £6.99.


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