How to Look Pretty Not Plastered by Emily Rose

23 Sep

“A step-by-step make-up guide to looking great!”

Makeup is something that so many ladies adore. I, myself, work as a makeup artist so I am of course one of them, but I often find that ladies come to me and say that they love makeup but are clueless regarding how to apply it. Makeup guides such as Emily Rose’s can be brilliant and helpful, but unfortunately I did not find this one to be so.

So a la mode?

The concept of the book is fantastic. Sometimes people may assume that applying lots of makeup is guaranteed to give a glam effect, but actually artful application can work wonders with the smallest amounts of product. The title did make me laugh and her message is promising. Helpful, too, are Emily’s sections about skincare. Chapters such as ‘Aloe Vera – Nature’s Gift’ and ‘Top Tips for Winter Skin’ are useful to women of all descriptions and in maintaining good skin makeup will, naturally, look a lot nicer when applied.

Uh-oh a la mode?

Experience stated does not seem to represent the quality of makeup ability demonstrated in the slightest. On page 91, a model is shown with a blue eyeliner on. Quite clearly her false eyelash is peeling off the corner her left eye. How this picture has made it into a published book is a question I would love to ask the editor? It seems unfair to capitalise on an industry that people are so willing to buy into and not even give value for money. Anyone, be it a first time user or a makeup artist extraordinaire, would be able to identify that a false lash should not be sat in this way. A positive and a negative of this book is that real women have been used to demonstrate makeup looks. This is brilliant in the sense that a diverse variety of face shapes and features will enable every reader to see how makeup should look in relation to their own face. It is not, however, an excuse for models to have unkempt eyebrows or undone nails. Call me old fashioned but if I am investing in a beauty book, I expect to see standards of grooming in all areas of production.

Considering that Emily Rose counts artists such as Tinie Tempah and Kissy Sell Out among her past clients, I was underwhelmed. One thing I really must emphasise is that although my standards of review are perhaps higher when considering my personal experience of makeup I am not judging this book from the perspective of someone in the know – I genuinely don’t feel that it would be useful to a beginner or anyone else. There are, however, lots of brilliant makeup books that would be so take a look at my recommendations below.

A la Mode Appraisal: 0/10 – Sorry to be blunt, I just don’t feel that this book would be worth investing in.

How to Look Pretty not Plastered is published by How to Books and is available for £14.99.

If you want to learn about makeup, you may find Express Yourself by NARS to be more useful or Express Makeup by Rae Morris. 


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