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Do’s and Don’ts by Vice

23 Sep

400 New Jokes from the Funniest Magazine Column to Ever Exist in the History of the Universe

You know those jokes that you know you shouldn’t laugh at but you can’t help yourself? Well, those are the kind of jokes that Vice Magazine specialises in. In every issue they run a column called Do’s and Don’ts in which they take photographs of unsuspecting people and write funny captions underneath. Apparently, “the first thing most people do when they pick up a copy of Vice is turn to the Do’s and Don’ts” and “they’ve become one of our most popular reads”.

So a la mode?

In just a few short words, Vice manage to completely take a photograph out of context and give it a hilarious new meaning. It’s really easy to flick through and you don’t need any prior knowledge of the magazine to totally understand the beauty of the column in just a few small page turns. This column is difficult to explain; it’s one of those you have to see. An example: a girl with lots of makeup on in rollerblades captioned with “she spent so long getting ready, she rolled over the line that separates ‘made up’ from ‘in drag’”. Most of the captions have some kind of joke about a person’s clothes, something that the Vice team say has “enduring possibilities”.

Uh-oh a la mode?

A few of the jokes go that smidge too far where you actually feel so bad for the poor, unknowing victim who will be amazed to see themselves in the Vice column!

A la Mode Appraisal: 9/10

Do’s and Don’ts is published by Canongate and will definitely tickle your coffee table for a reasonable £9.99. It’s quite thick and there are lots of captions per double page spread.

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The World According to Vice by Vice

11 Jan

Vice magazine, one of the most outlandish and outspoken magazines around, have decided that their cheeky approach to life is something that is worth capitalising on. They’ve compiled a remarkable scrapbook that has been critically acclaimed by the likes of Dame Vivienne Westwood and are set to enlighten people all over about the Vice way of life. In a collection that is as scandalous as it is irresistible, Vice explore some of their most remarkable features to date and does so in a way that transpires to create a kooky guide to all of life’s little hiccups.

To give you a little insight as to the kind of things they’re addressing, here are some of my favourite pieces:

The Vice Guide to University by Andy Capper, March 2010

 Anyone can enjoy something thoroughly without necessarily being in stitches, but this had me laughing out loud. As controversial as it is accurate, this is a guide to exactly what happens at University and will be appreciated by any past, present or future students. It pokes fun of the filthy states that students let their bedrooms get into, the pompous know-it-alls that stroll around campus with a broadsheet newspaper and patronise you for indulging in a little Paris Hilton perfume, the politics behind people stealing food in halls and the product placement that consumes Freshers Week.

New Frontiers of Sobriety by Hamilton Morris, August 2009

This detailed one man’s findings as he challenged Newton’s third law of motion that every action has an equal and opposite reaction in relation to drugs. A usual drug user, he found equal and opposite drugs that he called the anti-weed, anti-LSD and anti-heroin and took them to see how it felt to experience the exact opposite sensations. His account is comical but nevertheless harrowing, and is told with brutal honesty.

Interrogations: a Woman Who Made a Documentary About Vaginoplasty, October 2008

Vice’s Andy Capper interviewed Heather Leach, a filmmaker who created a documentary about women who have had a vaginoplasty (surgery on their privates). She gives readers an insight into wh girls as young as 16 are feeling pressured to undergo this procedure and how frighteningly popular it is becoming.

Not for the feint hearted or for those who view the world through rose coloured glasses, this book is the perfect thing to make you spit out your tea or choke on your French Fancy. For the truth about every possible scandal I would highly recommend tucking into this book. Told with flair and comedy even when approaching sensitive content, it is the perfect way to enlighten  yourself on everything naughty that you could possibly imagine. It will make you blush… and you’ll love it. Get this for a prudish socialite or a scraggy lad about town and either way you’ll receive rave reviews.

A la Mode Appraisal: 8/10

The World According to Vice is published by Canongate and is all yours for just £20.00.

P.S Did you know that Vice magazine are always looking for people to join their team? They seek to recruit interns, photographers, student ambassadors… the list goes on! Click here to have a look at their job page.